Meet The Team

Mortgage Coach

Kat McInnes

"I love working with a huge range of people at different stages of their lives, knowing that what we do is helping all of them be financially better off"

Business Support

Emily Harding

“I love problem-solving – ‘never give up’ is advice to live by!”

New Client Team

Steph Tubb

"I love being part of people's financial journeys - and seeing how much they can achieve"

Head of Brand & Comms

Nadine Higgins

“I went from fan, to client, to employee and now I’m all of the above!”

New Client Manager

Jared Perkins

“I’m proud to be part of a group that coaches people to realise their true potential.”

Head of Advisory

Rebecca Hoffmann

“Work hard, play hard and surround yourself with good people.”

  • BMS with Honours, Grad Dip Accounting, Grad Dip Tourism Management, University of Waikato.
  • Chartered Accountant,CAANZ
  • Registered Financial Adviser

New Client Team

Bri Farkash

“It feels good knowing that we're able to help so many people get ahead.”

Senior Advisory Consultant

Lisa Pillai

“I love that enableMe helps everyday Kiwis get ahead.”

  • BSc (Statistics) and BCom (International Business), University of Auckland 
  • MCom (Accounting) University of Sydney

Senior Advisory Consultant

Michael Yee

“Sometimes the next logical step is to do something illogical!”

  • ‍Chartered Accountant, CAANZ 
  • Registered Financial Adviser

Managing Director

Hannah McQueen

“It’s time for New Zealanders to be more ambitious.”

  • B Com. Master of Tax
  • Chartered Accountant, AFA.
  • Young Accountant of the Year, Auckland 2008
  • Nominated for New Zealander of the Year 2017
  • 40 Under 40 – University of Auckland 2018
  • Author of 3 bestselling books

Banking & Lending Manager

Brad Jones

“It is immensely satisfying to be given a task which is considered difficult or impossible, then finding an elegant solution.”

  • Registered Financial Adviser

Advisory Consultant

Siaosi Andy

“If you feel that you are getting comfortable in life, get uncomfortable, because you are not progressing.”

Banking & Lending Team

Tristan Taylor

“The best thing about my job is helping first home buyers achieve their dream of owning a home.”

Administration Manager

Lorraine Trainer

“We have a diverse team helping New Zealanders to be better every day."

Customer Service

Asher James

“I enjoy the challenges of working with our systems and coming up with ways to improve their efficiency.”

Lead Developer

Scott Brownhill

”Its great to help design and implement the digital strategy of enableMe to deliver great customer experiences.”

Advisory Consultant

Jeffery Wu

"It's really rewarding to get a glimpse of what Kiwis can achieve - and to help them make it a reality."

New Client Manager

Donna Hamilton

“Everybody has a story; the variety of people I speak with on a daily basis always fascinates me.”

Customer Service

Charmaine Benjamin

“We’re empowering people to take control over their lives.”


Performance Consultant

Liz Brown Douglas

"True wealth is enjoying life!"

Director & Strategic Coach

Dianne Barlow

“I am passionate about helping Kiwis on their journey to be financially successful.”

  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ 
  • Registered Financial Adviser


Director & Strategic Coach

Sarah Bayley

“Things that are worth doing, are worth doing well.”

  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ (or Chartered Institute of Bankers UK) 
  • Registered Financial Adviser

General Manager

George Bayley

“It's easier to reach your goals when you have a coach on your side.”


Director & Strategic Coach

Roger Swift

“Helping people financially has emotional benefits too.”

  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ 
  • Registered Financial Adviser


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Mount Maunganui

Director & Strategic Coach

Alisha Brady

"I'm really inspired by the outcomes that we can achieve for people."

Partner McQueen & Associates

Catriona Knapp

“It's my job to make numbers - and financial success - easy."

New Plymouth

No items found.


Performance Coach

Julie Nadan

“Let us be your lighthouse, guiding you towards financial freedom.”

Performance Coach

Corrie-Ann Jones

"I've experienced first-hand how enableMe's approach can help make people's financial goals achievable & their dreams come true"

Director & Strategic Coach

Elizabeth Blake

“I truly believe enableMe can change people’s lives for the better.”

  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ 
  • Registered Financial Adviser

Performance Coach

Michelle Hurrell

“I love seeing people achieve more than they thought possible.”

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Canterbury 
  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ 
  • Registered Financial Adviser

Business Support

Cesar Baillie

"The best thing about my job is the chance to enhance people's financial knowledge"

Performance Coach

Marilyn Oldham

"Most people think they don't have control of their lives - but you can change the script by determining what happens next!"


Director & Strategic Coach

Katie Wesney

“I love helping people achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ. 
  • BA and BCom in Accounting and Commercial Law from the University of Auckland. 
  • Registered Financial Adviser <link>

Performance Coach

Shelley Palman

“Working at enableMe – and doing the enableme programme myself – has been life changing for me!”

Performance Coach

Reta Lawrence

“It’s so rewarding seeing people get back in control of their finances.”

  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ 
  • Registered Financial Adviser

Business Support

Bridget Swan

“I love being a part of the process in supporting people to be financially independent.”


Director & Strategic Coach

Caroline Rennie

"The best thing about my job is the positive change we can achieve for people by helping them shape, plan and manage their future."

Strategic Coach

Lisa Butler

“I am passionate about helping everyday Kiwis reach their financial potential.”

Economic Consultant

Iain Rennie

"By supporting the team with economic insight, we can add value to your financial goal setting and plans."

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