enableMe’s tailored Financial
Wellbeing programme

Enable Your Staff

Wasted work time dealing with finances, valuable staff leaving to try to earn more elsewhere and more requests for pay rises – they all cost you.

Here’s the thing though – a payrise won’t solve their problems because financial stress isn’t about a lack of cash!

Making no progress, sliding backwards, big mortgages or not being prepared for retirement are all stressful – and distracting at work.
But enableMe can help!

What’s the solution?

enableMe’s tailored Financial Wellbeing programme:

  • We help improve your staff’s financial wellbeing before it hurts the bottom line

  • It starts with an on-site 45 min Financial Fitness workshop

  • Then, your staff benefit from independent, impartial advice from a team with a decade-long track record of helping kiwis get in control of their money

Call 0800 897 898 and speak with Donna Hamilton, or email donna@enableme.co.nz to find out more.

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