Jeremy & Sarah, Greymouth

January 10, 2018

Working with Katie has changed our lives.

I always thought that we were fairly good with money. We paid more than we needed on our mortgage each week and saved what we thought was a good amount.

Working with Katie we have paid off our mortgage and we are debt free 8-10 years earlier than we would have if we had continued with my plan. We still lived well with weekends away and shares in racehorses etc. I was able to take a new job that I love. It pays less than my previous role, but because of the work we did with enableMe it doesn’t impact on our lifestyle.

Katie is amazing, she is very engaging and encouraging. The Skype meetings kept us both on track and were an excellent way of staying motivated.

We have completed the program but have a plan for the future. The difference it has made to our lives is huge, it has given us freedom and allowed us to grasp opportunities we may never have taken. It is the best thing we have ever done. I wish all my family and friends would sign-up.

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