Our Story

enableMe is on a mission to get you in control of your money, out of debt faster, growing wealth quicker.                                   

About Us

EnableMe has its origins in founder Hannah McQueen’s experience of buying her first home. She haggled over interest rates, like we all do, but realised the discount was tiny given she’d be paying almost three times what she borrowed back to the bank. To figure out how to pay it off much faster, she partnered with the University of Auckland, to write a (now patented) calculus formula for how to pay your mortgage off in the shortest time, with the lowest interest cost and maximum flexibility.

It works! But to do that, it requires a surplus which despite being highly financially literate, Hannah (a keen shopper!) didn’t have. She realised it’s not just what you know, but what drives how you behave. She then researched the role psychology, accountability and willpower play in decision making. The result is enableMe’s programme, which has helped thousands of Kiwis get in control, grow wealth and get ahead over the past decade.

We have created a diverse team of experts and Business Partners.  Our skill sets include:

Financial Advisors (registered and authorised), Chartered Accountants, Business Coaches, Tax advisors, Banking & Lending Specialists, Mortgage Brokers, Property Coaches and Psychologists.  It is our diverse skill set that enables us to create highly tailored programs, with the necessary support to ensure high levels of success for our clients.



Managing Director

Hannah McQueen

“It’s time for New Zealanders to be more ambitious.”

  • B Com. Master of Tax
  • Chartered Accountant, AFA.
  • Young Accountant of the Year, Auckland 2008
  • Nominated for New Zealander of the Year 2017
  • 40 Under 40 – University of Auckland 2018
  • Author of 3 bestselling books

Chief Executive Officer

Glen Fitzgerald

"Aspire to be the best version of yourself – find your A-game and bring it!"

  • Chartered Accountant, CAANZ
  • BBS Accounting and Marketing, WINTEC

Head of Brand & Content

Nadine Higgins

“I went from fan, to client, to employee and now I’m all of the above!”

Head of Advisory

Rebecca Hoffmann

“Work hard, play hard and surround yourself with good people.”

  • BMS with Honours, Grad Dip Accounting, Grad Dip Tourism Management, University of Waikato.
  • Chartered Accountant,CAANZ
  • Registered Financial Adviser

Banking & Lending Manager

Brad Jones

“It is immensely satisfying to be given a task which is considered difficult or impossible, then finding an elegant solution.”

  • Registered Financial Adviser

New Client Manager

Donna Hamilton

“Everybody has a story; the variety of people I speak with on a daily basis always fascinates me.”

  • Credentials Item One
  • Credentials Item Two
  • Credentials Item Three

Business Partners

GM BusinessGrit

Jane McCormack

“I enjoy establishing insights and translating them into clear actions, so business owners can focus on what’s important.”

  • Credentials Item One
  • Credentials Item Two
  • Credentials Item Three

GM PropertyPro

Hamish Cowan

"Money is one those things in life, that you don’t know what you are capable of, until you are challenged to look at it in a different way."

Partner McQueen & Associates

Catriona Knapp

“It's my job to make numbers - and financial success - easy."

Operations Manager EquipMe Now

Jean Adams

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela


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Wherever you're based in New Zealand, you can work with a Financial Personal Trainer. Consultations can be hosted either in-person in one of the enableMe offices or via Skype.


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